About Us


...moving you forward.

Brunze shall profitably apply knowledge in every market we serve to improve life, empower the community, our employees and shareholders.

Our initial market engagement is in the business of mobility.

Brunze Technologies Limited is a market-driven automotive / technology company involved in the design, development and manufacture of bespoke transportation /mobility solutions and vehicles. We are pioneering a combination of transportation hardware, software and services in Nigeria. The scope of our activities encompasses public transportation, personal mobility, transportation for businesses and fleet solutions.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Million Nigerians
% population growth
million Vehicles

Nigerians must move from place to place. Brunze Technologies shall be the one moving them around and forward.

Manufaturing Facility

We have acquired and completed the first phase of our facility where the design, development and production of our vehicles take place – complete with stamping press, welding area, painting booth, and assembly area.

A significant part of our manufacturing processes and equipment are proprietary and developed in-house.

Quality & Reliable Products

Our commitment to sustainability and compliance to regulations and industry standards ensures Quality and Reliable products. This is an integral part of our activities. 

It is our pride.

Brunze... building vehicles with homegrown Nigerian technology and equipment.

Get yours at any Brunze Outlet /Dealer near you or you can buy from our online store.